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I now have a course on Udemy on 3D game development using Blender. This course is available at



Welcome to my home on the web. My name is Andy Harris. I'm a teacher, author, consultant, and speaker. I have written a number of well-known books on various topics in computer programming, especially web and game development. I'm also known as the "tech homeschooler" for my monthly column in "The Old Schoolhouse" - the premiere magazine for homeschool families.

If you've purchased one of my books, thank you very much. Choose the book in the menu to see every single program in that book, as well as links to any software used in the book and extra features. If the book is about a web-based language, you'll find every single program running here, so you can see them all in action. If you've got a question, you can ask in the forum or post an email. If you're interested in purchasing one of my books through Amazon, I have direct links available in my store.

If you're more interested in how to add computing to your homeschool, I'm also happy to meet you. See the "Tech Homeschooler" section for tons of free advice and tips. I post a companion page for every article, so you can see any software I recommend, as well as view screencasts and see links to software and websites I recommend in the magazine.

I keep a regular blog describing the various topics that interest me. Check here for information on where I'm speaking, what I'm thinking about, or just semi-random rambling...

I'm available for speaking, coaching, and web development engagements. Please drop me a line through the contact page and I'll get back with you as soon as possible. If you want to have a more detailed coaching or consultation session, I'm available for live consultation through popexpert.com

Feel free to connect with me through the forum and keep up with my blog for information on what I'm thinking about today...