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Flash Game Programming for Dummies

Flash has long been the go-to tool for extending the capabilities of the browser.  While newer technologies (specifically HTML5) are beginning to take center stage, Flash still has an impact.  Learn to program using ActionScript (the programming language embedded into Flash,) how to modify Flash to make it a better programming environment, and how to build many types of games using Flash.  The last chapter has ten wonderful game starters you can use as the foundation for many interesting types of games.

NOTE:  I prefer free and open-source technology, and Flash is neither.  Now that HTML5 is a valid way to get the same features as Flash, I am no longer actively developing in Flash. I'll still answer any Flash questions you have, but I'm currently working on a new book that teaches the same skills in a completely free and open environment, so my efforts have shifted. I don't even own a current version of Flash, because I don't really need it any more.

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