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JavaScript & AJAX for Dummies

Once upon a time, JavaScript was seen as a 'toy' language, not suitable for serious programming.  Those days are long gone.  Recent advances in browser technology and the advent of AJAX make JavaScript more relevant than ever.  JavaScript is a reasonable easy language for beginners to learn, yet it has depth and functionality that sometimes surprises veteran programmers.

This book assumes no previous knowledge of JavaScript or programming (though some knowledge of HTML and CSS is preferred.)  It starts from the beginning and takes you through variables, loops, functions, and objects.  Then it describes in detail how JavaScript interacts with the web page.  I show how to add amazing animations and interactivity to your pages without Flash.

The second part of the book describes AJAX technology, and how it changes the web.  I use the free jQuery Library to show how to add amazing new features including AJAX requests (trust me, they're really cool) animation, and a terrific theming and custom interface system.

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