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Game Programming - The L Line

Many people are attracted to computing because they enjoy gaming and want to build their own games. Game programming is one of the most exciting but challenging forms of programming, and most approaches lead to disappointment.

In this book I first introduce solid programming concepts with the popular Python language. Python is being used in a number of computer science programs as the first language because it is straightforward and encourages algorithmic thinking. Python is also increasingly important in commercial game development.

After learning the fundamentals of programming, we build games - lots of 'em. Learn to manipulate a graphics screen, how to build the animation loop central to all gaming and animation, and how object-oriented programming is critical to game development.

By the end of the book, we've developed a powerful open-source game engine that you can use for your own game development projects. Better yet, you'll have the skills to extend it for your own purposes.

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