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Heading to Nicaragua

Posted by Andy (admin) on Mar 08 2012
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 I've got big plans for my spring break.  

My family and my church have been involved with a community in Nicaragua for some time.  This week, I'll be travelling to Masatepe (near Masaya - about an hour from Managua.)   I'll be doing a number of interesting things:

The network stuff seems a little odd to me, but I'm kind of excited about it.  I've enjoyed working with my friends from Nicaragua very much, but it is difficult enough to accomplish things when we're in the same country.  The realities of culture and communication make it more difficult to work together. I can't do much about culture, but I can help on the communication side.  I feel that if I make it practical for American families and Nicaraguan families to communicate in real time, we'll see great growth in both communities.

I obviously won't be in touch until I get the network set up, so I'll try to catch up on correspondence when I get the network going. Please be patient if you have any questions in the next couple of days...


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