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Ipad app review: Finger Math

Posted by Andy (admin) on Dec 29 2011
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I've long been interested in ancient math techniques. (OK, it's geeky.) I'm particularly interested in the Korean finger-math technique called Chisenbop.  I made one of the first web tutorials about the technique, and it is still visited quite often.

I was recently contacted by Our House Interactive, the developer of a new finger math game on the ipad. They asked me to preview their finger math app before it went onto the app store. I've got to say, I'm impressed.

Finger math is a technique that lets you do counting, addition, and subtraction quickly and easily on just your fingers. It's a very powerful idea, but it takes some practice to understand how it all works. That's where this app comes in. It uses the multi-touch capability and large screen of the iPad to easily teach kids (and adults) how to count, add, and subtract using only their fingers.

The app is set up like a game, with levels and achievements. The game is colorful and engaging, with nice graphics and sound effects. It's a bit repetitive, but if you work through the levels, you'll be able to do arithmetic in no time.

It's quite a good deal for 99 cents.

(The other chisenbop app on the app store seems to be a direct port of a very simplistic web app I wrote on my web site years ago. Use my link to experiment with the free version before you pay anything for it.)

Last changed: Dec 29 2011 at 1:04 PM