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Login system repaired

Posted by Andy (admin) on Feb 12 2012
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I recently discovered that a number of people have signed in to the site, but never got the email confirmation. 

I've traced the problem to a configuration in my CMS system (For the geeks: For some reason the PHP mail function was not working correctly on my server, but when I switched to validated SMTP, everything seems to be swimming along.) 

If you have already attempted to sign up to my page, I have sent you an email with a temporary password.  Please use this password to log in, and then change your password with the settings link that will appear in the log in section. 

If you still have troubles, send me an email and I'll change your account manually. 

I'm looking forward to more participation on the forums as we move forward.  Of course you're always welcome to ask me questions directly through the contact page, but if you have a question that may be a bit more broad (or you think the community may be able to answer it) please consider posting it in the forum.  Also, I've added a new forum section for showing off your work. If you have something you'd like others to see, post a link! (Note that this web site serves a family audience, so please keep that in mind..)

Last changed: Feb 12 2012 at 5:40 PM